Business Studies

Business and Commerce, General

The field of business and commerce can include many career choices, from entry-level jobs to experienced management positions. Read on to see if a career in business and commerce might be right for you.

Inside Business and Commerce

    Business and commerce can be studied at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. However, individuals interested in the field may be able to work up to management positions in smaller businesses with no college education. Some positions, such as public relations manager, usually require an applicant to have obtained a master's degree in business. In general, job applicants may receive preference based on the extent and relevancy of their education. has all of the information to help you make the best career and education choices to fit your goals in business and commerce.

Education Options

    Students enrolled in business degree programs have a variety of concentration and course options available. Accounting, economics, real estate and finance can be studied at the undergraduate level. Graduate students have many concentration options in subjects like entrepreneurship, marketing and operations management. Most business programs will have some general courses that students in all concentrations are required to take, including macroeconomics, organizational behavior and quantitative methods.

Distance Learning

    Online business programs allow professionals to work towards completing full degree programs without attending in-person classes. Business programs are some of the most popular online programs and work well in distance learning formats. The following pages detail just a few of these distance learning opportunities.

Required Skills

    Individuals interested in business careers should be customer service-oriented, possess good communication skills and have an aptitude in mathematics. Business workers at all levels will often use technology and should be comfortable using a computer. Some jobs, such as accounting, will require the employee to have knowledge of specific computer applications such as bookkeeping software and spreadsheets.