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Guruansh Academy has been at the forefront of coaching students across multiple spheres of education since 2010. The journey from coaching class to pioneer in the education sector epitomizes our ideology. We seek to impart quality coaching to students at every stage of their academic life right from the final years of school to post-graduation.

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    Financial Accounts

    Financial accounting is a specialized branch of accounting that keeps track of a company's financial transactions. Using standardized guidelines, the transactions are recorded, summarized, and presented in a financial report or financial statement such as an income statement or a balance sheet.

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    Corporate Accounts

    Understanding the four basic financial statements, Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Statement of Retained Earnings, and Statement of Cash Flows, is key to evaluating companies for your investment decisions. But this business course goes beyond just understanding these financial statements.

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    Financial Management

    This Specialization covers the fundamentals of strategic financial management, including financial accounting, investments, and corporate finance. You will learn to evaluate major strategic corporate and investment decisions and to understand capital markets and institutions.

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    Cost Accounting

    Cost accounting is one approach to managerial accounting that involves the cost, budget and profitability of numerous types of products, services and activities and future cost accountants should complete an academic program with courses focusing on these topics.

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    The course in Indian Economics is aimed at introducing the learners to the foundations of Indian Economy and its development since Independence. The course will be introduced by giving a brief background of the Indian Economy on the eve of independence.

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    Business Studies

    Business studies is an academic area of study that provides the knowledge and skills needed for a career in the business realm. Studies may consist of finance, accounting, economics, organizational studies, business ethics, and marketing.

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  • My experience with Guruansh Academy was quite good. I was a Mensa student from B.Com. Finals. Mensa has got a very good professors to learn from.

    Gurmeet Singh, Bathinda
  • Their experience & knowledge is incomparable. The best thing about Guruansh Academy is - Perfect Time (Schedule) Management& they give importance to all the students equally.

    Richa Sharma, Bathinda
  • The most amazing part of Guruansh Academy is timely completion of syllabus and a relatively smaller batch size. We are taught by the best faculty

    Shreyjas, Mansa